Another Tory Lanez mixtape and another Drake diss. 

The Toronto rapper has dropped last night 2 new mixtapes, one of which is called “The New Toronto 2” and he got a track in which he’s going at Drake.

The song is called “Lick x Drive You Crazy” and the subliminal messages to Drake are in the second verse.

“I’m lyin’, really comin’ for these niggas this time
It’s a full-time job tryna keep ’em in line
Yeah the full court pressure, givin’ niggas the stretcher
I could kill your whole team combined, who want pressure?
More than a nigga that’s ballin’, I need a Espy
More than a Miami papi that’s on a jetski
Ice on Wayne, whole chain on Gretzki
When I start winnin’, don’t you rap niggas text me
Grinnin’ at the view of your corpses in a fortress
‘Bout to make Forbes list, everythin’ is gorgeous
Indoor B-ball courts lit where the floor sit
Still runnin’ shit like faucettes in an orphanage”

The line ‘Bout to make Forbes list, everythin’ is gorgeous‘ is from Drake’s song, 5 AM in Toronto. This is Ironic because Drake and Tory have been going back and forth and Tory cites Drake in this song in which he disses Drake also.

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