Billboard’s annual list of the 10 best Reggae Albums of the year is just another confirmation of Vybz Kartel’s crazy 2016. 

Despite being in jail since September 2011, the dj and his team have worked very hard and in a professional way to keep his name in a hot spot in Dancehall, and they definitely have reached this result.

“King Of The Dancehall” is the best selling Dancehall albums since 2006 and “Fever” is the hottest song of the year, with more than 30 million streams on Youtube and 10 millions on Spotify/Soundcloud.

Billboard has dedicated a spot for Reggae and Dancehall artists who have received less attention and airplay this year, due to the fact that Pop music nowadays is very influence by Dancehall music.

We weren’t surprised at all to see Vybz Kartel in this top 10, and we were happy to see that his album has been very appreciated world wide since it sits at #1 for Best Reggae/Dancehall album of the year.

Here is Billboard critic review of KOTD:

““So all my time just gone?” asks Vybz Kartel at the start of the tenth track on his thirteenth album, King of the Dancehall. “All these years — them waste it. If me rob every watch inna the jewelry store, me can’t get back the time.” That’s the closest the artist born Adidja Azim Palmer comes to addressing the five years (and counting) that he’s spent behind bars on his new album King of the Dancehall.

But to be honest, he hasn’t exactly wasted his time. Produced by TJ Records, KOTDis a powerful body of work, displaying all aspects of Kartel’s artistry and backing up its bold titular boast. With hits like “Fever” and “Western Union” running the streets, Kartel remains Jamaica’s most lethal and uncensorable lyricist. Putting aside all speculation as to how these records came to be, there is no question that Kartel’s self-coronation is well deserved — his only serious rivals for the crown are a former protege (Popcaan) and a former superfan (see No. 3). Even as he prepares to appeal his murder convictions, the reign of the “World Boss” shows no signs of stopping.”

Good results also for Alkaline, whose “New Level Unlocked” is the 3rd best album of the year, according to Billboard:

“Alkaline’s name was inspired by disposable batteries — which, of course, have both a positive and a negative side. His penchant for unnecessary antics — the infamous  “eyeball tattoos”  that were later revealed to be contact lenses, the skin bleaching and blonde dreads — was clearly informed by his deep if unstated admiration for Vybz Kartel, as were his Auto-Tune melodies and extremely explicit lyrical content.

Nevertheless, Alkaline is a supremely gifted writer who’s developed his own style, characterized by rapid-fire off-kilter cadences and an unhinged emotional vulnerability that the Worldboss would never countenance. There is no question that songs like “One More Time” and “Told U I Was Right” would rock mainstream listeners if they were only given a chance. In order to truly unlock a new level, Alkaline will have to get out of his own way and focus on making worldwide hits rather than getting distracted by local one-upsmanship. But until then this album, executive produced by DJ Frass, will stand as a powerful statement from a young icon on the rise”


Read the full review of 2016 best albums here.


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