It’s now official: there will be NO Sting as we know it in 2016. 

During a recent interview with Onstage, Heavy D and Isaiah Laing have explained the reason their decision to prevent Sting 2016 from taking place this year.

One of the main reason about Sting Flop over the years has a name: Vybz Kartel. Since the Dancehall Hero has been arrested and sentenced, people have lost a lot of interest in the show.

Heavy D has talked also about the fact that every year at Sting for 20 years there have been always two hot artists like Bounty/Beenie, Kartel/Mavado who have caused problems.

Isaiah Laing thinks that Dancehall has changed a lot, because in the past Dancehall artists who had a big audience used to be more than our days, in which we have like 5/6 artists who are actually hot.

Both Laing and Heavy D agree on the fact that many artists use Sting name and refuse to perform at the show just to be on headlines, but it’s not all: they think that many artists are afraid of Sting audience, as it is one of the hardest audience to please. According to Laing, Sting audience is composed mostly by people from the poorer classes who save money to attend a Quality Show, that is why in the past there have been unpleasant scenes of bottle throwing at artists who haven’t done their job on the stage.

So no Sting this year? Actually there will be a little ceremony which will be structured as an award show, to thank all the big artists who have taken part at the event during the years. Watch the full interview to understand better how the show will take place this year:

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